Diesel Locomotives

Thanks to the Hutt Mana Charitable Trust for a grant which has allowed us to purchase 400lt of engine lubricating oil for De505.


Train rides for all the family behind our vintage diesel electric locomotive De505 built in 1952.

Royal Train Anniversary Special

2014 marks 60 years since the last Royal Train ran over the section of line that now makes up Silver Stream Railway.

De508 and 505

2014 marks 60 years since the passage of the last royal train carrying Queen Elizabeth II in January 1954.

Trillian Trust

Thanks to the Trillian Trust who have given us funding to purchase a new set of batteries for our diesel electric locomotive De505. Expect to see this loco on one of our popular Diesel Days in the new year.

Barclay 1749

L509. Our current regular engine, was taken out of service for a few weeks while the grate was replaced. The long 4' firebars had reached the end of their life a long time ago and it was decided to convert to 2' bars as used in our other locos. This required new carriers and a new dead bar pattern which along with the 40 regular bars were cast at Milson Foundry in Palmerston North. This has slowed the rate of ash dropping into the ash pan quite considerably.

De508 will be in action on the 29th

 January will see all of our operational vehicles in action. C847 first up on New Years Day, then L509 on the 8th, Fowler #5 on the 15th, L509 again on the 22nd, R.M.30 will trial a Wellington Anniversary day special on the 23rd and De508 will run our first Diesel Day of the year on the 29th. So no matter what your preference is for motive power there will be something for you from 11am - 4pm. Keep an eye out for information our our Children's Day Special on the 4th of March.

Coaling up C847

C847. The focus of a lot of attention over the past few months, 847 is almost ready to return to hopefully reliable service. Work focus inside the firebox has seen the grate completely renewed with new firebars and carrier bars. The Westinghouse air compressor was overhauled by Triple R engineering in Palmerston