July 2010 Update

Barclay 1335: For the last few weeks we have been preparing this loco for a move inside the fence. This involved removing the siderods, unbolting the inside motion and freeing up the brakes. Also a section of track was lifted to suit the heigth of the truck for unloading purposes. It was quite suprising how easily it
moved after not doing so for over 45 years. Last Saturday it was winched on to a truck from Rough Terrain Transport and moved inside. The move went quite well apart from the wet weather which severly limited the trucks traction. Once the final track is laid in the North End storage shed, allowing us to move a few
items from the engine shed, the loco will then move inside. And then just a few other engines to finish off that were kindly pulled apart and walked away from, then we could look at restoration.

L509: The remaining work on the front cowcatcher was completed by late May. Before it could be fitted the front headstock had to be removed, and the plate that fits behind the wood was replaced along with one of the angles that attached it to the frame. It was then refitted with new bolts. The new cow catcher and stay bars were then fitted. A new set of valve rod packings were also recently fitted.

Fowler #5: Work on the headlights is proceeding as time permits. One is basicly complete only awaiting the internals and the other is now progressing.

Rm34: progress continues on the interior refurbishment of this railcar. The seats that were stored in the north compartment are being sorted through, cleaned and painted then stored in the other compartment to allow work to proceed where they were stored. Two of the side entry doors have been refurbished so far with the others currently being removed for attention. The entry steps on one passenger entry door are also being refurbished with some new parts being fabricated to replace some broken previously.

C847: The annual boiler survey was carried out in early May. The grate had some repairs prior to the steam test with a number of fire bars being replaced.

C512: Some major advances in this project since the last report. The boiler passed its hydro test in early May after the major repairs that were carried out. Work on the frame has seen the running boards completely replaced. The main reason for their removal was to allow the spring hanger brackets to be riveted back onto the frame. A frame stretcher also needed riveting. New running board material was purchased, cut and then fitted improving the appearance of the chassis a great deal. The back wall of the cab along with the handbrake was removed along with a section of the footplate that included the access door for the old ash pan. This has now been replaced with new material. The front headstock was unbolted allowing the rust that was forming between the front plate and the wood to be removed and the inside surfaces painted before it was refitted. The remainder of the chassis was needle gunned and wire brushed before being painted. The axle boxes had new horn guide packing fitted and have now
been reunited with the wheels and the frame.

Barclay531: Another major advance has seen the new boiler hydro tested and issued with an official number clearing the way for it to be fitted to the frame.. The smoke box door "clock handle" closing mechanism is now complete along with the door pin. Work has now started on the new set of crinoline bands.

Track: After a number of repairs including 2 new hydraulic hoses and a new operators platform the tamper was employed on the remaining leveling and packing on the tracks leading to the new North End shed which was completed before the winter weather set in. On the few less rainy days since, some track
was regauged on the loop at McKirdy as well as a few areas of spot tamping.

Structures: The timber work on the north wall of McKirdy station building is now complete and the first top coat of paint has been applied.