October News Update

Barclay 1335 inside at last

Another Busy few weeks at SSR. For the first time in a very long time Barclay 1335 was moved inside the loco shed.

We have had a look at inside the boiler and can now see why the boiler was condemned. The lap seam on the firebox tubeplate has pulled away from the side of the firebox. The rivet heads apear to have sheared off onthe water side. Photos to come.

The civil works department have been very busy cleaning up a couple of minor slips after the recent heavy rain. Attention then turned to laying out the tracksets for the centre road in the North End shed.

Mechanical work has been focused on machining parts for Barclay 531's boiler mounts and also the completion of the spring gear for C 512. The springs have been trial fitted and will be removed for sandblasting and painting in the next few weeks.