News Update Dec / Jan


L509. In between its regular outings the L has had a couple of small jobs carried out to keep it in top condition.

Barclay 1335. At long last this loco has now been placed undercover in the McKirdy depot. Recently an article was written in the English Magazine: Old Glory about the history of this engine.

Barclay 1749. . After some months of delay the paperwork was finally completed for the new boiler allowing it to be hydro tested with no problems. Four of the new crinoline bands are complete and painted just waiting for the 2 outer ones to be finished before the lagging and cladding can go on. The new running boards have been finished and painted along with the back wall of the cab that has now also been fitted. Work is underway on machining new parts for the hand brake. With the hydro test out of the way the firebox tube ends were seal welded allowing the ashpan to be fitted before the boiler was fitted to the frame. This then allowed the fitting of the firebars and firebox door.

Rm34. The interior is continuing to take shape. A start is being made on refitting the newly varnished wood around the windows. The last of the passenger entry doors was recently completed and has been refitted. Also the step bracket that had been "repaired" in the past has been fixed properly allowing it to be fitted.

C847. In an effort to attract more visitors to our site on Sundays, 847 has recommenced it regular first weekend of the month outings. This will be advertised in local newspapers and if the advert is cut out and shown when purchasing tickets we will give the visitor a set of SSR postcards. Some trouble has been experienced with the steel injector delivery pipes in recent times and new pipes are currently being priced up.

C512. The axle boxes and driving wheels were returned to the frame in late July after new packing strips were fitted to the boxes. The trailing truck was then removed and has been dismantled, steam cleaned, and needle gunned. There are a few minor repairs to be attended to before it can be reassembled. Thanks to a
grant from the Lion Foundation we now have a new set of fire bars. The spring gear overhaul is now complete. The spreaders have has the holes trued up and bushes fitted. One of these required some welding to repair a crack that had been "temporarily" repaired back in it days at Rotowaro. After some head
scratching the new springs were fitted. The previous few months work have been well worth it with the springs sitting a lot better than prior to the work. Fundraising is well underway for the new original style funnel and the remainder of the money to see the overhaul completed. Have a look at the C funnel fund page on our website: if you would like to help. Please contribute if you can so we can see this loco back in
service next year.

A1833. Steady progress continues to be made on the refurbishment of this carriage. Three of the doors are now finished to the primer stage after they were striped back to bare timber, any areas of rot repaired and some new beading fitted around the windows. Work on returning the interior to its original appearance has commenced with some of the timberwork striped of its paint and some of the water damaged chip board removed ready for replacement with stained plywood. A big bonus for the team working on the car is the donation of a saw bench by one of our members. This has proved to be an excellent addition to the workshop arsenal.

L4246. The upper structure is almost complete just requiring one side door to be fitted before being finished. The entire upper part of the wagon is new. The original parts were too badly rusted or rotten to be used with the exception of the hand grabs. The only work outstanding now is fitting of the 4 diagonal
braces and the new brake pipe followed by final painting and stencilling.

Track. Rd 2 in the McKirdy depot was in need of repairs so a decision was made to completely replace this track with heavier rail and concrete sleepers. Over the course of a weekend the old track sets were removed and 3 Yd wagon loads of material was dug out before the sleepers were laid out and the rail clipped down. A good effort by the track team saw the vehicles stored on this road moved back into place by mid afternoon on the Sunday. Follow up work has seen the track sets removed from here laid out in the north end shed and bolted together.

Structures. Work continues on the exterior of the station. Currently the frontwall and veranda is receiving attention.