Update March/April


L509. Continues to give good service during Sunday running with no problems being experienced.

C512. Work on turning up new pins and reaming and bushing holes on the valve gear parts has been the main focus of work over the last few months. The way bar had its bearing surfaces built up and machined and has now been fitted on the frame.

Fowler #5. The 2 replica acetylene headlight are now completed and only require a coat of paint before they can be positioned on the loco. They have been fitted with kerosene burners instead of the correct for type, acetylene. The coupling and connecting rods had there bearings taken up recently.

C847. The advertised Big Steam Sundays are proving to be a hit with the public. A few jobs have been attended to to have the loco available with some other jobs to be done over the next few months.

Barclay 1749. New tank fillers and lids have been fabricated for the water tanks as per the original drawings. The tops of the tanks are now complete and await sandblasting and painting once the remainder of the tanks is finished. The remaining bands for under the boiler cladding have been fabricated and so far the back cladding sheet has been trial fitted with the front sheet having the holes for the dome and clack valves cut.

A1833. The big news with this car was the successful grant application to the Southern Trust for new aluminum cladding material. This has been purchased with these funds and is awaiting cutting and folding. One end has been striped of cladding and flooring revealing a not surprising large amount of corrosion. This corroded material will be cut out and replaced along with a new headstock over the next few months. A set of drawings that show the details that have rusted away has been a big help.

Rm34. The interior refit continues to make steady progress with the seats starting to be bolted down in the smaller compartment after the luggage racks were finished.

Structures. The repaint of Mckirdy station is nearing completion with most of the south wall now having its final coats leaving painting one end of the veranda to see this job finished. The ticket box near the main entrance has had its paint job completed resulting in a much improved first impression for out visitors

Track. The main work undertaken by the track gang was the completion of the work started at the end of 2010 in laying the remaining 2 roads in the North End shed. As outlined in the last few issues , the centre road was made up of track sets made available with the relaying of Rd 2 in the Mckirdy Depot and the out side road made up with the set formerly occupied by Barclay 1335 at the main entrance and a track set that was removed from beside the turntable. These sets required a few replacement sleepers and in the case of the out side road another set made up. This allowed the approach track to be slewed over to the outside road and connected up and A1448, K538, and A2010 were shunted inside during the course of one Saturday. There was only literally millimeters to spare but the door was successfully closed at the end of the day. Two weeks later the final part of the job was tackled with the approach track slewed back and then split and slewed inside the shed to connect up with the centre road. While this was going on at the North End, a large shunting maneuver was being undertaken to get D137 , Z36 and Barclay 1335 out of there storage spaces and readied for there first trip to the North End. The Barclay and Z36 were put inside the North End shed on Saturday with the team returning early Sunday to complete the job. The moving of D137 has freed up some space for the crew working on A1833.